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Manelegratis.org PHP script

Manelegratis.org PHP script

Original name:

Mp3 Download v3


Documentation by “Stefan Iulian”

“Mp3Download v3”

Created: 19/5/2012
By: Stefan Iulian
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for purchasing my script. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here, or email me at [email protected]. Thanks so much!

1. Setting up your MySQL and FTP server

This script requires PHP 5 and MySQL.

Now, first thing you want to do, is to make sure you create a MySQL database along with an user for it (IMPORTANT NOTE: Copy somewhere your mysql username, and password, as you will need them later), and setup your FTP server for the domain where the script will be installed.

So your requirements are:

A) A MySQL database + MySQL user
B) Domain name + FTP server.

2. Upload process

  1. The first step is to upload the content inside the folder “Public_html” (IMPORTANT NOTE: Upload what’s inside the folder Public_html, not the script folder) into your public_html folder or into your default FTP root folder.
  2. The second thing is to upload into your MySQL database using the IMPORT function available in MySQL the .sql file from the folder called “MySQL”.

3. Installation process

Now, after you uploaded everything, you can start the installation process.

Changes in Script

1st Step (making some basic changes for your script)

  1. Open .htaccess, and hit “EDIT” in order to edit ,ErrorDocument 404 replace http://localhost with your address.
  2. Open , config.php and replace with your MySQL database + MySQL user + Pass data.
  3. Open , mysql.php and replace with your MySQL database + MySQL user + Pass data.
  4. Open ,functions.php and replace http://localhost with your url
  5. Open ,cauta.php and replace http://localhost with your url
  6. Open , takecontact.php and replace [email protected] with your email
  7. Open ,admin.php and replace $admin = “admin”; $admin_pw = “admin” with your username and pass

2nd Step (changing the admin password [default password is: admin ,user admin)

  1. Log in into your Admin Panel. (url to admin panel: YOURWEBSITE.com/admin.php )
  2. Enter your password in the input, and hit the button called .

Changes inside Script

  1. With a text editor (e.g.: Notepad), open the following file located inside the ‘Script’ folder: settings_sql.php.
    Now, replace what’s inside the brackets (e.g.: ‘YOURDBNAME’) with your MySQL settings, you should have something like this:

    4. Faq

    1. Q: I want to modify a text or something about the design…
      A: You can change anything visual from the theme located in: /skins/legible/
    2. Q: I want to change the the behaviour of the statistics, or create new ones…
      A: Usually, you will want to modify the files called button.php, counter.php and stats.php.
    3. Q: I want to change the text from logo…
      A: Open your ‘PSD’ folder, there you have the .psd of the logo, edit it and save it in the folder ‘Script/skins/legible/images/logo.png’.
    4. Q: I have problems/questions related to the script, how can I contact you…
      A: If you want a live chat, you can add me on Y!Messenger: Ro.Yulyan, if you want to contact me via email, [email protected]

    Stefan Iulian


See demo here: http://mp3dwl.hi2.ro 

Download links:

Server 1 Server 2 Server 3 Server 4 Server 5