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Download Mini Blog v.1.0.2 php script – euforya.net

Mini Blog v.1.0.2 php script

Mini Blog php script Mini Blog php script

Software requirements:

  • PHP 5.0 or later version

To install Mini Blog, you should have to extract the Mini Blog ZIP file. How you do this depends
on the operating system you use.
Once extracted, you will have a directory containing the Mini Blog scripts.

The contents of this directory needs to be moved to your webserver, either by copying the directory or
by using an FTP progam.

You will then need to run the install script.

To do this you need to open a browser and type in the URL.

If you are running on a your own computer, this will be

  • http://localhost/{mini blog directory}/install.php

or if on a live server:

  • http://{www.mydomain.com}/install.php

On this page you need:

  1. Enter connection parameters: database host, database name, database
    username, database password.
  2. Enter admin login and admin password, that you will be used to administer the site.


See full demo here: blog4you.hi2.ro

Download links:

Server 1 Server 2 Server 3 Server 4 Server 5