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Download Uploader v5.3 to v6.3.5 php script – euforya.net

Uploader v5.3 to v6.3.5 php script

Uploader v5.3 to v6.3.5 php script
Uploader v5.3 to v6.3.5 php script Uploader v5.3 to v6.3.5 php script Uploader v5.3 to v6.3.5 php script

Table of contents:

  • A. Insallation (New installation)
  • B. Upgrade from previous beta 2
  • C. Upgrade from beta 1
  • D. License
  • E. Version history

A. Installation (New installation)

Upload all the files and folders to your server, keeping the directory
structure intact. You should have four folders and a bunch of PHP files, like so:

  • data
  • files
  • includes
  • templates
  • .htaccess
  • account.php
  • admin.php
  • usercp.php

Run install.php which will try to chmod all the directories and files
as well as making sure everything is properly configured.

There is a directory called “files” where all user files will go into.
If you want to specify a different directory, delete this directory
and create another one (on your server) anywhere you like. The installer will ask
you for the path to the user files directory regardless, but do this
BEFORE running the installer. Remember to use absolute path AND CHMOD
THIS DIRECTORY!!!! (0666 or 0777 will do)

B. Installation (Upgrade from a previous beta 2 version or final version)

Upload all php files in the root directory (where index.php, admin.php, etc. are located) and the “includes”
directory to your server and replace existing ones. Look at the version history below for
more specific changes so you’ll get a better idea at what to update.

If you’ve customized the templates, look through the list of changed templates
and only upload those. If you made any changes to the ones listed, you will
probably have to edit them again. If you didn’t change any templates, simply
overwrite all template files.

Tips on upgrading:

1. Temporary rename the uploader directory, replace the files, and rename it back.
2. Disable registration before upgrading.
3. If you can shut down apache, do so before upgrading.

C. Installation (Upgrade from Beta 1)

A converter is available on my website. You should
have seen it when you downloaded this file 😉

E. Updates / Version history


Uploader v6.1

Added: Batch file upload through Zip files. The script will extract
user uploaded Zip files and discard the zip files, saving only the contents.
Your server must have the Zip extension installed, visit http://us2.php.net/manual/en/ref.zip.php for more information on installtion.
If it’s available, you should see a new checkbox on the Upload page that says “Extract Zip files”.
Otherwise you won’t see it and zip files will be uploaded as normal.

Added: File listing caching. Cache user files list for faster load time.
Added: more admin options (specifically the users section)
Added: more features to emailer
Added: a new template called default2. The old template “default” is also included if you prefer it.
Changed: File locking issue is resolved (hopefully!!). I’ve tested this new method on a high traffic server and no index corruptions.

Template changes:

Added a new default template called “default2”. It’s wider and looks better IMO.

Changed pretty much all template files in the old “default” template. Only update template
files that you did NOT change. The changes I made are mostly aesthetic and shouldn’t interfere with
the rest of the script functionalities.
The following templates must be updated because they include new features:
tpl_upload.php, tpl_myfiles.php, tpl_user_admin.php, tpl_users.php, tpl_tools.php.
I may have forgotten the rest, but your best bet is to update everything except tpl_uploader.php
and tpl_admin.php.

Uploader v6 Final

Added: An option to the Browse page to show only users with shared folders.
Added: More user filtering options. (registration time and bandwidth used)
Added: Tools page in the admin section (mass emailer and data import/export for backup purpose)
However the import feature is not completed so it’s kinda useless.
Changed: file.php will show an image if the file is not found or user has run out of bandwidth.
The images and the PSD file is in the “data” directory.
Changed: added extra file locking mechanism to prevent data corruption.
Fixed: The script loads slowly with large files.

Template changes :

added tpl_tools.php
added folder3.gif and folder4.gif to the images folder
changed tpl_folders.php
changed tpl_browse.php
changed tpl_user.php
changed tpl_myfiles.php (minor cosmetic changes, no layout change)
changed tpl_uploader.php (changed uploader version)
changed tpl_admin.php (changed uploader version)

Beta 2.4

To upgrade from 2.3 to this version, replace all the PHP files in the root
directory and the includes directory. If you have changed any of the templates listed
below, you will need to edit them again to match with your design.

Changes in this update:

+fixed: user data file corruption.
+added: changed tpl_uploader.php to alert users on new unread messages.
+added: GIF resizing will be enabled automatically if the server supports it.
+changed: browsing user files layout changed.
+changed: some spelling errors

Updated templates:

tpl_uploader.php (added “popup” on new private message, no layout changes)
Again, you should only worry about this if you have made significant changes to your templates.
If you didn’t do anything, just delete the old templates/default folder and replace it with the one from the zip file.

Beta 2.3

To upgrade from 2.2 to this version, remove all files EXCEPT the following:
/data/ directory
/files/ directory (or whatever user files directory you specify)
Now upload everything from the zip file EXCEPT for the files/directories listed above.

Some templates were change in this version, if you customized any of the following templates you will need to replace and
customize them again. Sorry for this but there’s no other way.

  • tpl_upload.php
  • tpl_browse.php
  • tpl_stats.php
  • tpl_users.php

+ fixed: bug that will allow users to browse a non public folder
+ fixed: browsing other user files error
+ changed: bandwidth tracking is now more accurate.
+ added: browse.php will now split the user list into pages
+ added: browse.php will only show the Browse icon if user has public folders.
+ added: Admin stats page now shows total bandwidth used by users
+ added: Sorting users in the admin section by space and bandwidth usage.

Beta 2.2

A new installer. Looks ugly but i’m just trying to get it working right now.
To update from old betas 2.0 or 2.1 to 2.2, just replace all the php.
The easiest way to update would be to delete everything EXCEPT the following:
/data/ directory
/files/ directory
In your ftp client, select everything and upload. If it asks if you want to replace, say NO!

+ fixed: warning from admin section when editing user settings
+ fixed: renaming files denied when user is allowed to rename
+ fixed: minor typos…again!

Beta 2.1

To update from beta 2 to beta 2.1, just replace the php files
in the uploader directory and include directory. Specifically
the following files:

  • admin.php
  • usercp.php
  • install.php
  • includes/commons.inc.php

All user data and files will not change.

+ fixed: ini_set fatal error with ob_start
+ fixed: when editing user, user becomes Unapproved.
+ added: install.php will try to chmod the user files directory.
+ fixed: max_messages set as 0 will be counted as Unlimited instead of being full.
+ fixed: typo in install.php
+ other: added messages

Beta 2.0

+ first release


See full demo here: uploader-fl.hi2.ro

Download links:

Server 1 Server 2 Server 3 Server 4 Server 5