PC Software · 27/05/2024

Microsofts latest AI feature

Microsoft’s latest AI feature


Microsoft’s Cocreator brings AI-powered image creation to Paint

Microsoft’s new AI feature, Cocreator, is shaking things up in the world of digital art. Announced alongside the controversial Recall feature, Cocreator has captured user attention for its impressive capabilities.

Cocreator allows users to transform a simple sketch into a realistic image by adding textual descriptions. This process happens in real-time, though patience is required as the first attempt might not always be perfect. The more detailed the description, the better the final image will be.

Paint now includes three new options: Layers, Cocreator, and Image Creator. While Image Creator generates an image based solely on text input, Cocreator combines text and sketches to produce the final image. Additionally, there’s a Creativity slider to adjust image quality and a Style drop-down menu with a variety of choices like Charcoal, Digital Art, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Pixel Art, Anime, Photorealistic, and Ink Sketch. These tools enhance the creative process, with quick responsiveness and fast image generation.

While Cocreator might be seen as a simpler version of Microsoft Designer, it’s reported to be quite effective. However, it does require a Copilot+ PC equipped with an NPU (neural processing unit). This exclusivity means that despite potential capabilities of a laptop’s GPU or CPU, Microsoft restricts this feature to its Copilot+ devices.