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Download Shoutbox v2.0 php script – euforya.net

Shoutbox v2.0 php script

Shoutbox v2.0 php script
  1.  edit configs.php and read the setting description carefully
  2.  upload configs.php, index.php, shoutbox.php, data, and templates to your server
  3.  chmod “data” to 0777 or 0666, anything that gives write permission
  4.  if you want to run it as a standalone shoutbox, load index.php
    otherwise open index.php and look at how I included shoutbox.php.
    Use this method to include the shoutbox into your existing layout.
    Remember to include shoutbox.php, NOT index.php.


Demo here: photo-gallery.hi2.ro/shoutbox/

Download links:

Server 1 Server 2 Server 3 Server 4 Server 5